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Blood of Desiderium (2022)  

(The Divide #1)

In the lands of Deyadrum, where every Fae possesses power, Princess Emma is the only one forced without. Confined in the walls of her palace by her father, she’s desperate for a taste of freedom.

That is, until she discovers the truth: everything she thought she knew was a lie, for something evil plagues her lands - promising death and darkness.

A betrothal that tests her.
A mysterious vigilante who teases her.
A Dark Prince who doesn’t trust her.
And a phantom that invades her dreams.

Emma must try to escape her father’s torturous grip as she journeys to find a way to save her people…and herself.

But Emma has dark secrets of her own. And a game she has to play.

Can she overcome her grief and fears to save her people before the darkness that lurks within consumes her?

Just remember, even that which appears true may be deceiving.



Trigger Warnings:




-Mention of suicidal intent


-Overall dark themes

*This book is a NA Dark Fantasy Romance that is 18+ with explicit language and sexual scenes. BoD is the first book in 'The Divide' series and ends on a cliffhanger.*

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Soul of Salvation (2024) 

(The Divide #2)

What fate do you think awaits?

Coming March 1st, 2024!

Must read book one, Blood of Desiderium first! This is the sequel and contains spoilers beyond this point. 


In the aftermath of the battle at the Court of Ashes, Emma’s sacrifice for salvation thrusts her into a dark realm where the God of Darkness demands a grim price for her newfound power. 


The fate of the world hangs in the balance, 

A God is harboring dark secrets, 

And a mate refuses to lose again. 


The darkness’ hold on her makes her hunger for death, until a predestined bond beckons her and conflicts the monster she has become. Emma must follow through with a world-altering task, or decide if she wants to break free from the vice of her powers, for the sake of all she loves.  

Then, a profound truth changes everything, testing her strength to bring light to a dark reality. Will Emma endure the burdens of her task or will she sacrifice her heart to protect those she holds dear? 


Will she choose love over darkness? 


Secret Project 

A novel

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